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Christmas 2023 Update From China

Dear Charlie and Perry,

I hope this letter finds you well and flourishing in His love and power. I send you greetings for Christmas as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I've been actively engaged in ministry work in China and across the globe, navigating challenges and taking on great opportunities. Despite adversity, the Church in China is experiencing remarkable growth. We've witnessed believers gathering in underground locations after facing property closures and equipment confiscations.

In addition to my work in China, I've been supporting ministries in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Bulgaria, especially with the Roma (Gypsies). Brother Pavel, whom I recently met in Korea, continues his strong service at 75 years old, and I continue to support his work for the Lord as a spiritual son.

Enclosed are pictures of our recent ministry efforts. Your ongoing support is especially needed at this time. It enables us to continue spreading the Gospel in China and beyond. As we approach the U.S. election, my prayers extend to the nation and, specifically, to Perry and the Voice of Evangelism.

Please give Perry my best and let him know I feel God is preparing to do a new and greater, surprising thing with him and VOE this coming year.

May God richly bless you in the Christmas season and Happy New Year.

Your Friend, Respectfully,



August 2023 Update From India

From Pastor Samuel Mahanraji

Through the gracious guidance of God, we have recently returned to the USA after an impactful 6-week ministry journey across India, Malaysia, and Singapore. Our endeavors included constructing and consecrating a church in Melpati village, near Vellore, as a testament to the Lord's glory.

Throughout our time there, we facilitated four pastors' gatherings in Vellore, Kodaikanal, and Chennai. Our main priority was to inspire and uplift them in their service to our Lord. During these gatherings, we also extended love offerings and provided nourishing meals.

An impactful gospel assembly was held within the impoverished Maduravoil area, leading to numerous individuals committing their lives to the service of our Lord. Currently, we are actively engaged in the construction of another church, and our efforts continue.

We took part in a compassionate outreach to the Irular colony, an underprivileged community, extending one month's provisions to all 21 families. This provided an opportunity to share the gospel and uplift their spirits.

Our commitment to fostering growth extended to various facets of the community. We organized a special session for visually impaired children, treating them to snacks and rewarding them for academic excellence. Additionally, a retreat for sports enthusiasts resulted in 47 individuals embracing our Lord, subsequently forming a dedicated cell group to nurture their spiritual journey.

Empowering the impoverished soccer children, we distributed jerseys and imparted the Word while ensuring their daily nutritional needs were met. Further, we hosted an event for nearly 200 girls, distributing school supply kits and a hearty meal of Biryani.

Our dedication to the welfare of the community extended to our Children's home, where 51 kids received a special session and school supplies. Widows and pastors who receive our monthly support were not left unnoticed; a special gathering was arranged in their honor, complete with a delicious lunch and thoughtful gifts.

It's important to recognize that these transformative efforts were made possible by your unwavering love and support. We express our heartfelt gratitude for your partnership in this ministry. May the Lord shower abundant blessings upon you!

The images below were from the special service we held for visually impared children.

July 2023 Update From India

India - 1

Through the help of our partners, a new church was built in the village of Melpatti in India.

India - 2

The completion of the lower structure during construction.

India - 3

Dedicated workers adding the concrete roof structure.

India - 4

Pastor Samuel M. along with other ministers during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

India - 5

Pastor Samuel at the dedication service.

India - 6

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. – Psalms 122: 1

India - 7

The Village of Melpatti and Perry Stone Ministries thanks you!

February 2023 India Update

India - 1

During February of this year, the outreach ministry team in India coordinated efforts to bring the Gospel of Jesus, through a food distribution project.

India - 2

My staff made Biriyani (An Indian delicious food) to feed the poor for our 36th wedding Anniversary.  – Pastor Samuel M.

India - 3

Praise God for His protection and provisions all these years. Please continue to pray for us so that we will be a channel of blessings to many! – Pastor Samuel M.

India - 4

We are so grateful for your love, prayers and support. May the Lord richly bless you. Thank you. – Pastor Samuel M.

India - 5

Thank you to the Partners of Perry Stone Ministries.  Your generous support helps to make these outreach ministries possible…

India - 6

The support you are giving helps to provide resources necessary to share the Love of God and the message of Jesus Christ around the world.

Middle East 2023 Update

Middle East - 1

The “Through the Lens of a Camera” project has made a significant impact on the Middle East.

Middle East - 2

Bibles are being distributed in the native languages of people around the world.

Middle East - 3

I'm really grateful for the man of God, Dr. Perry Stone, and the support we receive from Voice of Evangelism – Pastor Rizwan F.

Middle East - 4

Because of this support, we have been able to free 10 Bonded Labor Slave Families from forced labor over brick kilns – Pastor Rizwan F.

Middle East - 5

As a result, we were able to provide Rickshaws so that they are able to earn income to support their families. – Pastor Rizwan F.

Middle East - 6

We would be grateful for your support, as we pray to free more families from slavery.  – Pastor Rizwan F.

Christmas 2022 India Update

Voice of Evangelism Outreach to India

Voice of Evangelism is grateful to be working in conjunction with Pastor Samuel Mahanraji in India. We invite you to take a moment and watch this special message from Pastor Samuel.

Special Christmas Outreach To The Blind

“During this Christmas season, a special gospel meeting was arranged for the blind people, and nearly, 500 came to this meeting.”

60 People Made Commitments To Christ

“Christmas gifts and good food were provided to all of them. On hearing the Word of God, about 60 of them gave their lives to our Lord Jesus.”

Gifts For Children

“We gave new outfits, and backpacks to all the children who are in our children's home care program.”

Children Celebrating The Birth of Jesus

“The children performed dance and songs, and the boys did a skit in this program.”

Impacting the Community

“As many outsiders came to watch, I shared the gospel and some received Jesus as Lord.”

You Helped To Make This Possible

“Thanks for all your prayers and earnest support. God bless you all!”

Pastor Samuel Mahanraji

Caring for the Widows

A Special Service Caring For Widows

“By the grace of God, we conducted a special Christmas program for the widows. There were about 50 destitute women came to this meeting.”

Widows Praying For PSM And Partners

“They all sincerely prayed for Perry Stone Ministries and Partners. “

Pastor Sam Ministering The Word

“I shared the Word of God and prayed with them. It was indeed a great blessing to minister to them. “

Caring For Their Needs

“We gave new Sarees, Biriyani, and for the widows, we support on monthly basis, we gave a small love gift for their Christmas expenses.”

You Make A Difference!

“Thank you for all your support and love gift. May our God bless you all richly!”

Pastor Samuel Mahanraji

Through the Lens of a Camera Outreach

Please watch as Perry delivers the “Good News” to far-reaching places around the world.

World-Wide Testimonies

Glory to God for the soul being impacted through Perry Stone Ministries.

December 2022 India Update

Children performing to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

From Pastor Sam: “In this Christmas season a special gospel meeting was arranged for the blind people and nearly, 500 came to this meeting. Christmas gifts and good food were provided to all of them. On hearing the Word of God, about 60 of them gave their lives to our Lord Jesus. Thank you for all your prayers.”

Special Christmas Celebration

Thanks to our Partners for helping to make this possible.

“We gave new outfits, and backpacks to all the children who are in our children's home care program. The children performed dance and songs, and the boys did a skit in this program. As many outsiders came to watch, I shared the gospel and some received Jesus as Lord. Thanks for all your earnest support. God bless you all!”

September 2022 India Update

Click the Image to View More Pictures From Pastor Samuel in India

Voice of Evangelism is grateful to be working in conjunction with Pastor Samuel Mahanraji in India.  Your support has equipped Pastor Samuel with resources that minister to the needs of the hurting and help to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please take a moment to view the photos that were recently shared with our ministry to see the work being done in India during the summer of 2022.

Through the Lens of a Camera Update

Crusades through the Lens of a Camera

God has provided a window of opportunity to allow Perry to minister and reach souls in places that we could never reach physically. Crusades through the Lens of a Camera have been the favor of God and what an opportunity we have.  Perry is able to preach live by video from here in Cleveland, Tennessee, and we broadcast it directly to a dedicated location overseas where people are assembled together to listen and view him on a large screen. Each time he does this, thousands of salvations are being experienced. Also, we are providing Bibles to these new converts with the help of donations towards this project.

The following testimony was shared from a Pastor that recently led one of these crusades:

Thanks be unto the Lord that over 21,000 people joined the Evangelistic Crusade with people coming from over 28 different villages. They came to the Crusade on bull carts, donkey carts, bikes, cycles, rickshaw, TukTuk and by foot.

Praise the Lord for the 13,761 souls saved and 694 who experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the recent crusade. Miracles and wonders are taking place. A 42-year-old man’s ear was opened after powerful prayer led by Dr. Stone. Also, a 52-year-old woman with a throat tumor was healed and the tumor is gone following powerful prayer.  One young boy with a disease came to the crusade on a bed but was healed during the crusade and returned home walking on his own.  One person who used high level glasses for 17 years no longer needs glasses as their eyes were healed.

What a tremendous blessing the crusade has been to our people.  The Bible prophecy messages and the message of Jesus Christ shared by Dr. Perry Stone in the crusades is reaching our nation. I am personally grateful to Dr Perry preaching and bringing Jesus Christ to those who have never heard the gospel. To God be the glory!

Chennai India Update!

Click the Image to View More Pictures From Chennai India.

Chennai India is experiencing heavy rain and flooding.  Through the support of the Voice of Evangelism Ministry, Pastor Samuel's staff gave food packets to the poor folks who have been affected by these storms.

Reuters news agency is reporting that the city has come to a standstill as flooding and heavy rains continue to fall.  Images of inflatable boats carrying flood victims through the city streets can be seen across many news outlets.

We are grateful to be able to support this urgent need through the efforts of the many partners of Perry Stone Ministries and Voice of Evangelism.

Jude verse 22 “and of some have compassion, making a difference”

Greetings From Bulgaria!

Click the Image to View More Pictures From Bulgaria!

Dear Charlie and Perry and Your Partners,


Greetings in Christ!


I hope all is well at VOE and your ministry.

Please, express my sincere condolences to Perry for the recent loss of his mom. I know she is in her reward and promotion with God in heaven!

 I want to once again thank you and VOE for sending a donation for my ministry in Tanzania. It was a wonderful experience as I stayed a while, made many new friends, and improved my Swahili language learning.

 I sponsored and spoke at three pastoral conferences in various regions of the country. I have been invited to preach, teach, and evangelize in all of the Tanzania regions later, and I am sure more trips there should be coming up in the futire. We saw God move in a mighty way – many were touched and inspired by the services for greater impact for the Kingdom.

 I visited a church in Korogwe where I had donated for a sanctuary building – the blue building you can see there. I also spent time with the Maasai tribe and am trying to help them build a church. Their old building was destroyed by a storm and you can see on the photos where they have a simple wooden building – a provisional one mostly built by ladies from the church. I hope to help them further.

 I also prayed for a neighbor lady at one of the places we stayed in Tanzania, because her husband was beating her regularly. The Holy Spirit moved and a few days later (without us doing much more than prayer) that man wrote a letter of apology to his wife. Many other things happened along the way to the glory of God.

 Currently, I would like to request another donation, which would help our continuing ministries and outreaches in various places. I will keep helping Africa, but we are also hoping and praying to be able to return to China in the near future, whenever the country will reopen.

 Thank you in advance for any further assistance and prayer for us and our ministry.

 May God richly bless you, your families and the wonderful work of Voice of Evangelism!

 Best regards and respect,

Your friend and brother in Christ

Miro Atanasov

Praise the Lord Jesus!

I’m Pastor George. I’ve been serving the Telugu Baptist Church in Kaveripattinam for about 20 years now.

We suffered great hardship because of the lockdown the last five months.

We thank Dr. Perry Stone for supplying us with groceries besides rice. We are thankful to him and along with the congregation we pray for God’s blessings on him.

I am Pastor Jayasekar. I have been ministering in the village called Chitheri near Vellore for the past 20 years.

We were struggling to make ends meet and have proper meals every day because of the pandemic.

Dr. Perry Stone’s timely help in providing us with rice and groceries besides offertory is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot indeed.

We thank God for you and pray for you.

To Perry and  Partners, 

Our Lord has impressed upon our hearts to help the pastors who have been affected due to Covid, so we have come here to accomplish it. So far, we have helped about 100 pastors with rice and other groceries, and some cash gifts. We have planned to help more pastors this week. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks for all your support. God bless you!

Pastor Samuel Mohanraj

A Recent Follow Up From India:

Ministry Among Widows provided 25 pounds of rice bags, a month provisions, a love gift of $15 and good meal to women who have been left alone. These are the widows who are sincerely praying for Perry and his partners every Monday.  Your VOE mission team has visited them many times.


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