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This has been the year of downloads from the Word of God. It is unlike any previous year! The Lord inspired me with eight unique and very informative messages which are filled with teaching, instruction and fresh insight to help every believer! The 8 messages from the 2018 Huntington Conference include:

  • The Mystery of the Parousia (Thu PM)
    • This message explains how the shout, voice and trumpet of God (1 Thess. 4:16-17) will not be heard by any backslider or unbeliever (3 examples are given). There are also three previews of Christ ‘s return that we are encountering every day.   A definite eye-opener for the serious prophecy lover.
  • Walking in the Gift of Revelation Knowledge (Fri AM)
    • In the New Testament, Paul wrote of numerous mysteries that were hid from the foundation of the world that Jesus himself made known to him through, revelation knowledge.   This message reveals how all believers can tap into this revelation knowledge. €
  • Three Groups of People that Will Miss the Rapture (Fri PM)
    • This will be the most controversial message in many years.   Using the Scripture I will show three groups of individuals, that unless they change their way of speaking and believing, will miss the future Rapture and will be forced to enter the tribulation.
  • The Frustration of Delayed Answers to Prayer (Sat AM)
    • When your prayer answers seem to be delayed you will often make bad choices, piling on more difficulties.  This message also includes a great study on angelic involvement in prayers.
  • The Confession of My Weakness (Sat PM)
    • For the first time, I publicly detailed my weakness and how it has affected me in both a negative and positive manner. What is the process of dealing with a weakness naturally and supernaturally?
  • When Your Faith Begins to Fail (Sun AM)
    • This message reveals some of the most fascinating Greek word studies related to losing your faith that I have ever researched!   I consider this subject matter and content one of the most significant messages for everyone in the Body of Christ.
  • I'm Coming After My Such and Such (Sun 11 AM)
    • We can fall short of God's future blessings through disobedience. God has promised such and such (2 Samuel 12).This is a powerful, faith building message!
  • A Non-Kosher Visitation of the Holy Spirit (Sun PM)
    • The word Kosher means fit or acceptable, and there are numerous kosher rules for devout Jews. However, on one occasion God set a non-kosher outpouring of the Spirit. €

All 8 messages are included in this album. These 8 messages are also available on CD as ITEM# 18HG-CD.

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