2019 International Campmeeting – On Demand


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The 2019 International Campmeeting is now available instantly with On Demand. All 8 messages are included in this single album.

Message titles and speakers include:

Tues. pm- Deities on Trial  (Perry Stone)

Wed. am-  Hear O Israel  (Tommy Bates)

Wed. pm- Confusion in America's Prophetic Camps  (Perry Stone)

Thurs. am-  Anointed Thinking (Ron Carpenter)

Thurs. pm- The Prophetic Meaning of 2020 and 5780   (Perry Stone)

Fri. am-  Issues   (John Kilpatrick)

Fri. pm- America's Perfect Storm-Coming in 2020 (Perry Stone)

Sat. am- Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage  (Perry Stone)


Tuesday NightDEITIES ON TRIAL – In this never before preached word, Perry exposed how Christ literally attacked the Roman and Greeks false gods in his messages and his ministry. See how Christ smashed the gods Janus, Castor and Pollux, Hades and Nike! Perry’s personal assistant said it was the best content she has heard him preached in over thirty years! Several people were supernaturally healed in the altars after this message!

Wednesday PM – CONFUSION IN AMERICA’S PROPHETIC CAMPS – Perry masterfully examines four incorrect beliefs being propagated today: the belief that the Rapture is a false doctrine; the belief that the Antichrist has already come and the tribulation is past, and the teaching that we are already in the first half of the tribulation.  Several ministers expressed appreciation for this word, as it helped correct misinformation circulating in the church and over the internet.

Thursday PM THE PROPHETIC MEANING OF 2020 AND 5780 – Exchanging the Gentile and Jewish new year, using the Hebrew alphabet and the pictographs of the corresponding letters, Perry predicted the prophetic themes and spiritual significance of next twelve months, based on rule 29 of Hebrew Hermeneutics. This year lines up with Joel 2!   Thus far Perry has used this method since 2012 and has accurately predicted the themes, patterns or events that highlighted that year! See what 2020 holds!

Friday PMAMERICA’S PERFECT STORM – COMING IN 2020 – Discover the five parallels in the days of Jezebel being repeated right now in America! Perry exposes how past history is being repeated and the ancient Baal spirit is paralleling the “Climate Change” religion!  Discover the historical difference between Socialism and Capitalism and hear prophetic predictions for the future.  Discover three things on earth the liberals and atheists can never defeat!

Saturday AM – Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage –-Using Hebrew words and history Perry shows the origin of God’s plan for marriage and also revealed the fact showing Moses was married to two different wives (prior to the law).  He then explains complicated and controversial verses on divorce and the Biblical rules for divorce and remarriage based on Christ’s and Paul’s words.  He concludes with some very humorous stories and how to help keep your marriage strong.

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