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In this package you receive Perry's book, Secrets from Beyond the Grave along with his audio CD, “Do These Seven Things and Add More Years to Your Life.” In his landmark book released in August of 2010, Perry gives detailed explanations to the amazing mysteries linked to life after death, eternity, paradise, heaven, and the chambers of the underworld located under the sea. Perry also answers numerous controversial and often confusing questions, that many people hesitate to ask, or are uncertain how to research from the Bible. Here are a few of the topics included: Is it wrong for a Christian to be cremated instead of having a traditional funeral? I love my pet. What happens to it when Christ returns? Will it be in Heaven with me? I lost a loved one through suicide. What can you tell me about their eternal destiny? Is Hell a real place? Is it located under the earth? Are there entrances to Hell somewhere on the earth? What does the Dead Sea in Israel have to do with the future Lake of Fire mentioned in the Bible? When I die, will my soul sleep in my body or do I depart my body and go to a place in Heaven? The audio CD that is included in this package, Do These Seven Things and Add More Years to Your Life €, is not about vitamins, exercise and eating right! Many of Perry ‘s partners said this was not only a practical teaching, but the most humorous message they had ever heard him preach! Warning! You may laugh until you cry at Perry ‘s funny insight on what to do to live longer! Laughter is a medicine, and this audio CD message is just what you need!!

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