2019 Prophetic Summit Conference CD Album



What a powerful 2019 Prophetic Summit – Messages released to the public in May 2019 – THIS IS THE LATEST WORD ON THE LAST DAYS!

The revelation was stunning and exciting!  Now you can hear America’s premier prophetic voices, on twelve different prophetic messages by five different prophetic speakers! Learn the latest word of the Lord for the church, for America, for Israel and for you as an individual and be blessed for this opportunity to revisit this event or to hear what you missed! All 12 unedited messages by Perry Stone, Bill Cloud, Jonathan Cahn, Joel Richardson and Mark Bilz are now available on CD!

Here is a list of the 12 services, speakers, and message titles shared at the 2019 Prophetic Summit:

  • Thu PM – Pax Americana and America's Roman Disease (Perry Stone)
  • Fri AM – The Mystery of Lawlessness (Bill Cloud)
  • Fri Am – Artificial Intelligence in the World Today (Mark Biltz)
  • Fri 2:30 – Prophetic Developments in Saudi Arabia (Joel Richardson)
  • Fri 2:30 – The Rapture-God's Reward for Over-comers (Perry Stone)
  • Fri PM – The Paradigm: Trump as America's Jehu (Jonathan Cahn)
  • Sat AM – Don't be a Nimrod (Joel Richardson)
  • Sat AM – The War of the Heel (Bill Cloud)
  • Sat 2:30 – What You May Not Know about Solomon (Mark Biltz)
  • Sat PM – Who Will Be Left Behind at Christ's Return (Perry Stone)
  • Sun AM – Living Stones: God's Witness in the Last Days (Bill Cloud)
  • Sun AM – Satan's Hidden Conspiracy to Sabotage America (Perry Stone)

If you prefer DVDs – these messages are available on DVD as item 19PS-DVD in the web store.

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