2022 Huntington WV Conference – CD Album


The 2022 Huntington WV Conference CD album. 6 messages from Perry Stone to supercharge you spiritually and bring hope and encouragement!

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The 2022 Huntington WV Conference is available on CD. This album includes 6 messages from September 2022 that were shared live at this conference. 

Messages include:

CD #1 – Stop Dining with the Whining
CD #2 – When Your Battle Takes You to the Gates of Hell
CD #3 – The Pre-Rapture Chastisement of the Church
CD #4 – Who Told You That You Were Naked?
CD #5 – When Satan Chastises Your Peace
CD #6 – The Advantage of Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

The Huntington Conference is always a highlight of our annual conferences. The Holy Spirit operates freely in worship at each service and the anointed messages are direct downloads from the Lord. This year was no exception to the powerful revelation shared in each service. All six messages from this meeting are included in this audio CD album.  You will be supernaturally charged and encouraged by these anointed messages needed to be heard by all believers. The end of time is upon us and the enemy is working overtime to beat down the saints. This series of messages will recharge and encourage the believer.

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