2023 Louisville Kentucky CD Album


The 2023 Louisville Kentucky Conference is available on audio CD. Receive all 8 messages by Perry in this CD album.

This conference is also available for immediate download here.

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The 2023 Louisville Conference was incredible, and the messages are available now! All eight messages shared at this meeting are included in this audio CD album. Only a few albums remain following the conference so order now!

The message titles by Perry include:

  • CD #1 – Is God Sending America a Spirit of Delusion?
  • CD #2 – My Number one Lesson – Delay Does Not Mean Being Denied
  • CD #3 – Stunning Pre-Tribulation Signs Beginning to Emerge
  • CD #4 – Restoring Your Wounded Soul
  • CD #5 – America's Corrupt Leaders-Breaking God's Covenant
  • CD #6 – Satan's War Motto Versus the Kingdom Motto
  • CD #7 – Why are Christians Attacking Other Christians?
  • CD #8 – Restoring the Gifts-The Spirit Advantage

Order now to get these asap!  This was a powerful conference, and the messages were strongly anointed and need to be heard by every believer! 

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