2023 Louisville Kentucky – Download


The 2023 Louisville Kentucky Conference digital download. Receive all 8 messages by Perry for immediate access.

This conference is also available as a CD set here.


The 2023 Louisville Conference was incredible, and the messages are available now! All eight messages shared at this meeting are included in this digital download album. Order yours today for immediate access.  This was a powerful conference, and the messages were strongly anointed and need to be heard by every believer! 

The message titles by Perry include:

  • 1 – Is God Sending America a Spirit of Delusion?
  • 2 – My Number One Lesson – Delay Does Not Mean Being Denied
  • 3 – Stunning Pre-Tribulation Signs Beginning to Emerge
  • 4 – Restoring Your Wounded Soul
  • 5 – America's Corrupt Leaders-Breaking God's Covenant
  • 6 – Satan's War Motto Versus the Kingdom Motto
  • 7 – Why are Christians Attacking Other Christians?
  • 8 – Restoring the Gifts-The Spirit Advantage

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