2023 Main Event DVD Album


The 2023 Main Event Conference is now available to watch on DVD. All 8 conference messages with 5 from Perry and one from each of the three morning speakers, Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and John Kilpatrick. These resources are also available on CD, USB, as well as digitally from PSTV.


The 2023 Main Event Conference is now available on DVD. This album includes all 8 powerful conference messages from Perry Stone, Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and John Kilpatrick. 

In this DVD album, you receive all of the following 8 messages.

DVD #1 – The Mystery that Satan Tries to Keep You from Discovering (Perry Stone)
DVD #2 – It's An Inside Job! (Ron Carpenter)
DVD #3 – A Stern Warning to All Rapture Scoffers (Perry Stone)
DVD #4 – I Am Not a Professional Christian (Jentezen Franklin)
DVD #5 – Correcting Errors Being Taught Concerning the Great Tribulation (Perry Stone)
DVD #6 – First the Attack, Then the Blessing (John Kilpatrick)
DVD #7 – The Prophetic Missing Link of the Sign of Christ's Return (Perry Stone)
DVD #8 – Shutting the Door on Satan's Ability to Get into Your Life! (Perry Stone)

What an incredible time in the Lord! The 2023 Main Event was unsurpassed! Experience a personal spiritual breakthrough, fresh knowledge, and a new understanding, and tap into God’s wisdom from the 3 morning speakers (Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and John Kilpatrick) along with Perry Stone’s 5 NEW messages which include 3 major prophetic updates and 2 messages on warfare!

These 8 messages will help set an unshakable path for your spiritual walk, and your expectations of a victorious outcome, and prepare you prophetically for the future. You will enjoy watching and hearing this entire conference while being fed and encouraged.


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