Visions of What is Coming


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During the ministry of Perry Stone, the Holy Spirit on several occasions has revealed in a spiritual vision the events that would occur impacting the nation, states, or cities in the United States. On this 2-CD album, Perry has two of his most noted and significant messages preached before a large gathering of believers, revealing in detail how God is speaking today and the visions both he and others have experienced. This is a powerful and eye-opening teaching series.

Disc 1 – The Vision of the End-Time and What I Saw Coming
In the time of the end, the Holy Spirit will remove the veil of understanding and provide advance warnings to future events. On this message, preached in Spartanburg, SC., Perry gave specific details of several visions and spiritual dreams of what the Lord showed him would occur in the future, including the East Coast.

Disc 2 – A Vision of the Final Spiritual Battle
Years ago, a young man who was nearly killed when being run over by a car, experienced a remarkable vision of the final spiritual warfare both individual believers and the church at large will encounter. Perry relates this story and then breaks down the details laying out a New Testament application and what the body of Christ should know in this final conflict.

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