Three of Perry’s most popular end-time prophecy DVD messages are bundled into a special offer.


Three of Perry's most popular end-time prophecy DVD messages are bundled into a special offer.

DV129- Is the Antichrist Alive and What are His Arrival Signs?

DV126- Re-examining Apocalypse in the 21st Century

DV131- Cracking the Genesis Code

DV129: Is the Antichrist of Bible prophecy alive on earth, and what are his arrival signs? On this two-hour DVD, Perry expands his teaching on this future world dictator by adding fresh insight to a subject that many believers want to know more about. You will understand the region of the world from which the Antichrist will arrive, including a detailed historical study of the previous son of perdition candidates. This is Perry's most detailed study on the subject. It reveals events that will happen before the beast's arrival, and many events that help bring the final dictator and his ten kings to their seat of authority! The DVD also includes special pictures and charts.

DV126: Ministers and some Christians avoid the book of Revelation, and throughout history, the meaning of many passages has been mysterious until now. Perry reveals many difficult prophecies that can now be understood, including the mark of the Beast, the lost tribes of Israel, the 144,000 Jews, the rebuilding of a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem during the tribulation, and prophecies of recent rabbis! This DVD has two hours of detailed insight, including many pictures to illustrate and prove how the predictions are being fulfilled in our day and time.

DV131: On this two-hour DVD, Perry uses Scripture, historical references, and Hebraic knowledge to unlock the 7,000-year Genesis code. He explains the theory that the six days of creation are a prophetic picture of the 6,000 years of human government, and how the 7th day of rest is a picture of the 1,000-year millennial reign.

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