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4 of Perry’s popular books are currently bundled together making great resources!

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Perry is bundling together 4 of his books, “Angels on Assignment,” “Secrets Beyond the Grave”, “Opening the Gates of Heaven” and “Interpreting Dreams and Visions.”  These are 4 wonderful resources to add to your library or make into great gifts too! In this offer, you receive a copy of each of the following.

Angels on Assignment is a powerful hardcover book explaining that our world is not a safe place and you need continual protection at home, on the job, or on the road—24 hours a day. For believers, there are many Scriptures promising God can and will protect us. Also, Perry shares personal testimonies of experiences with angels in this book.

Secrets Beyond the Grave – In this landmark book, Secrets Beyond the Grave, Perry gives detailed explanations to the amazing mysteries linked to life after death, eternity, paradise, heaven, and the chambers of the underworld located under the sea.

Opening the Gates of Heaven – Prayer must come from the heart, out of the mouth, and into the ear of the Father! Have you ever wondered why some of your prayers go unanswered? Does it seem the gates of heaven are closed over your head? Is your prayer life hindered or frustrated, leaving you wordless in communing with God? Do you know why at times God says no, or the things that can prevent answered prayer? This book explains all of this and more.

Interpreting Dreams and Visions – Is God Trying to Tell You Something? Have you ever had a dream or vision that was so vivid it remained with you for days? It is possible that your dream had a spiritual connotation and your vision was a message from God. This is by far Perry’s favorite book that he’s ever written. Perry has wanted to write on this topic for quite some time. There are 50 symbols that relate to spiritual dreams. This book helps explain how to interpret them. Perry Stone explains the guidance and warnings encrypted in our visions and dreams—and includes an extensive list of common dream symbols. With his unique blend of Bible knowledge and spiritual insight, he provides answers to many of these questions.

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