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Through letters and e-mails, the voices of Christians in the United States are expressing their frustration, dismay, and concern for America. They are speaking but their leaders don’t seem to be listening. What is the hidden agenda of those in charge? Why does it appear Socialism is planned for our future? What is the pattern found in Scripture that reveals where we are prophetically? In this series, Bill Cloud and Perry Stone will answer these and many more questions. Perry has selected the following four audio CD messages that he preached in conferences to be included in this new 6 audio CD album:

CD #1 – Is America Experiencing Pre-Tribulation Birth Pains? The weather, the economy, the empire cycles, and Israel's link.

CD #2 – Exposing the Cartels that are Bankrupting the American Dream. Inside OPEC, the food and the Federal Reserve Bank.

CD #3 – The Countdown of the Next Prophetic Showdown. The Inside Information you don’t hear on national news.

CD #4 -America and the Fullness of the Gentiles. Christian America and our final assignment for the kingdom.

This album also includes 2 dynamic in-depth CDS by Bill Cloud that exposes the prophetic pattern of the administration which are entitled:

CD #5 – The Pharaoh Who Knew not Joseph – Pt 1

CD #6 – The Pharaoh Who Knew not Joseph – Pt 2
These CD audio messages can also be purchased individually from the CD-Single Audios as CD060 – CD065 located in the online store.

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