Ancient Symbols and Prophetic Parables Package



This package includes Perry's prophetic 2-hour DVD,   “Ancient Symbols and Prophetic Parables Revealing Christ's Return.”   On this DVD Perry shares awesome insights concealed in symbols found in ancient catacombs during the first 3 centuries of Christianity. He reveals that certain words and phrases used in scripture can't be understood without understanding Greek-Roman culture. Perry analyzes several   New Testament parables revealing Christ's return and reveals numerous word clues often overlooked by readers of the New Testament.   Also, from several New Testament parables he exposes our final warfare which includes 3 final attacks that most believers will encounter in the last days. This DVD is filled with illumination and prophetic revelation from the Word of God.

In addition to this DVD, you receive a 2 audio CD album entitled, “Pruning Your Family Tree”. What roots may be found in your family tree?   On this 2 CD album, Perry shares the process of regenerating the bad genes in your family DNA by using spiritual principles and spiritual laws found in the Word of God.   Learn how to break negative generational cycles and spirits.   Learn how to get rid of the negative cycles and spirits that are destroying the fruit in your life.

You will greatly enjoy and benefit from the spiritual and prophetic revelation found in these teachings. Order now to get this into your hands!

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