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Manna-Fest package, “Angels on Assignment” is now available! Perry Stone’s lastest book, ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT has just been released! In this book Perry explores and unlocks the mysterious Mizpah Covenant; a covenant of angelic protection that is forged when two people are apart from one another. The world is dangerous. Soldiers are separated from their families, children away at school, husbands and wives at work. With crime and unexpected dangers we need supernatural protection from God’s heavenly messengers. In this book you will discover things like: The protective power of abiding under the shadow of God The movement of the angel of the covenant throughout the Bible What moves angels toward you, and things that can offend the angel of the Lord How a Mizpah Covenant marks you for God’s blessing and favor in times of distress This is only a few of the topics discussed in this book. In this package you will also receive an audio CD message entitled, “Defeating the Destroyer by the Blood of the Lamb.” This is Perry’s most detailed message ever on the mystery of the blood! It explains why the Lamb’s blood has such authority over sickness, death and destruction and how you can apply the finished work of Christ to hold back the satanic strategies planned against you and your family!

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