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Included in this Manna-Fest offer are 9 DVDs of approximately 16 hours of remarkable Hebraic insights and wisdom regarding the wilderness Tabernacle and the secrets of the Holy Place! Using a life-size replica of Moses’ Tabernacle, including intricate replicas of the sacred furniture, Perry combines 40 years of research on these 9 compelling DVDs. This powerful teaching gives perhaps the most detailed revelation and exciting discoveries of patterns and mysteries that you will ever hear. It explains the Redemption Code concealed in the Tabernacle boards, curtains, pins, priesthood, and holy furniture. This was preached before a live audience. The subjects include:

Living in the Shadow of God – Tabernacle Secrets.

Amazing Insights and Messages Concealed in the Tabernacle Furniture.

Secrets of the Priesthood and the Priestly Garments.

Priestly Rituals for Spiritual War that Believers Must Follow Today.

Holy Smoke – David’s Tabernacle and the Shadow of God.

The Blessings of Corban and Prophecies in the Menorah.

Christ our Melchizedek and the Mystery of the Blood.

The Sinai Code, the Festivals, and the Concealed Mysteries of the Cross.

The Believers Royal Priesthood, Prophetic Insights, and much more!

You will enjoy approximately 16 hours of uniquely illustrated teaching on DVD, which includes scriptures, important pictures, and other indispensable information edited into the teaching.


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