Black Banners Rising



Laying the Foundation for the Antichrist in Iraq

For 24 years Perry Stone has been warning the church in America that some of our previous prophetic teaching was based upon speculation and tradition and not on combined apocalyptic prophetic Scripture. Among Perry’s insight was that the Antichrist’s headquarters the first 42 months of the tribulation would be in Iraq and not the European Union offices in Brussels. He also spoke of a day when the army of black banners would swallow three nations— Lebanon, Syria and Iraq—and merge into an Islamic Caliphate, or the kingdom of the beast. We are seeing the early stages of this happening now in Iraq. However, based on Scripture, a major twist is about to emerge in the strategies of the Islamic fanatics. Perry explains the Islamic traditions motivating this army and goes into detail about where the events will lead. Hear this 2-hour DVD with Perry’s most important prophetic teaching in 2014.

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