Breaking Prophetic Codes 6CD


A 6 CD series of live messages selected by Perry on breaking prophetic codes. If you love Bible prophecy you will love these messages!

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Perry Stone is a noted leader in teaching the church a powerful prophetic principle of how the future is concealed in the past. This principle has been known to the Jewish Rabbis for centuries. Perry personally selected these six live messages to include in this series explaining this. Each brings detailed remarkable insight that is concealed in ancient Biblical narratives to unlock prophetic codes! The six messages in this album include:

• The Armageddon Code Hidden in the Story of Gideon

• The Tribulation Code Hidden in Purim

• The Exodus Code

• Unlocking the Maranatha Code

• End-Time Secrets Hidden in the Parables of Jesus

• Decoding the Israeli-American Cipher


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