Breaking America’s Pharmakia Spirit


This DVD contains a message by Perry Stone on the strongest spirit gripping America.
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The strongest spirit gripping America is an Addiction — “Pharmakeia Spirit.” This DVD is the entire “unedited” message by Perry shared live in a special service at OCI.

What does the Bible say about the root of Pharmakeia? Why should a believer not partake of drugs or alcohol? What does the Bible say about wine/strong drink? How does one get free from addiction?

Satan knew that God was going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh and he wanted to intervene. Satan has worked to get and keep people intoxicated with a counterfeit experience that would numb people to hearing God’s voice or feeling God’s presence in their life. God honors your level of commitment and He has asked us, “How close do you want to get to me?” The high priests who entered the Holy of Holies were forbidden to have wine/strong drink. An encounter with God can be better than any high you can experience from drugs or alcohol.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addictions, please obtain and listen to this message. It could change your life!

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