Afikomen, The Bread & Gift

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An enlightening message on Passover and the Afikoman – broken bread and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Learn of the rituals of Passover and the hidden promise for the end time generation.

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Perry's message on Passover – in this unique message, Perry shares about the gift of the Holy Spirit and how it is mysteriously linked to the Passover ritual. This anointed message will put fresh fire in your spirit as Perry shares personal testimonies and revelations from the Biblical teaching of the Passover meal with matzah bread to the empowering gift of the Holy Spirit.

At the Passover meal, Jesus took the afikomen piece, broke this unleavened, striped, and pierced bread, and gave it to his followers, saying, “Take, eat; this is My body,” and later, “Drink from it, all of you.”  For the Messianic Jewish community, the afikomen symbolically represents the Messiah, as Jesus' body was broken, wrapped in linen, buried, and raised on the third day. 

There is powerful insight in this message and a precious moment when the ministry's intercessory prayer leader, Aunt Bea, who went to be with the Lord in March 2024, confirmed a word Perry shared in this message. There is powerful insight and revelation shared in this message that you will enjoy and be lifted to hear.

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2 reviews for Afikomen, The Bread & Gift

  1. A. OSullivan

    Of thousands of $$$ purchases, THIS is one of his TOP! Oh MY!

  2. Denise Wright

    Absolutely incrediblemessage – a must-have. Truly a life-changer!

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