Deciphering End Time Prophetic Codes Book


In this book Perry reveals that these cycles, patterns and historical rhythms are one method God uses to help believers know what is coming
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Deciphering End-Time Prophetic Codes  – In this book, Perry reveals that these cycles, patterns, and historical rhythms are one method God uses to help believers know what is coming. Perry shares visions and dreams that contain warnings and how believers must be prepared and write a compelling chapter on how the Hebrew alphabet, numbers, and Torah verses reveal prophetic codes and future events. Some of the chapters included are:

  • Unlocking Cyclical Prophetic Codes
  • God’s Cosmic Calendar – Three Ways of Counting Time
  • When Prophetic Time Becomes “Crunched”
  • Visions and Dreams Revealing America’s Future Events
  • Amazing Prophetic Patterns of American Presidents and World Leaders
  • Six Prophetic Warnings of General Booth and Dangerous Soul Ties to Political Spirits
  • America’s Roman Road to the Bottom – and how to know when the time of the end has come
  • The Vision of Blackbirds and Padlocks in Washington
  • Plans to Control Your Healthcare and Your Life
  • Is it 1933 Again?
  • America’s Final Visitation at the Time of the End

These cycles include personal warning patterns for America’s leaders.



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