Feeding Demons

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Perry's book release – Feeding Demons was released in 2018

After nearly forty years of comprehensive research probing Old and New Testament prophecies and encountering the powers of darkness, renowned biblical teacher Perry Stone Jr. releases Feeding Demons to carefully reveal the operational skills, deceptive tactics, and crafty methods of battle that demons possess. Feeding Demons is not intended to glorify the presence, power, or plots of the adversary, but is written to expose their strategies and enlighten believers, teaching them to enforce their authority, provided through the redemptive covenant of Christ!

This book, Feeding Demons

  • elaborates on the history of heavenly and demonic spirits within the context of the ancient church;
  • argues that demonic spirits feed off of sins of the flesh and are energized and made stronger when acts of sin are committed;
  • provides ways that readers can set boundaries against these spirits and break free from their hold.

Including a comprehensive background to spiritual warfare and biblical principles for fighting against evil, Feeding Demons helps you discover how to release the fire of the living God to cast out demons. Feeding Demons is your reference guide for defeating the devil.

Chapter Titles include:

  • Identifying Satan’s Chain of Command
  • Inside the Mind of a Demonic Spirit
  • What Happens when Demons Get Comfortable
  • Battling the Spirits of Depression and Oppression
  • Defeating the Spirit of Weakness
  • Defeating Chronic Battles and Repetitive Spirits
  • Can Children be Influenced by Demon Spirits?
  • Believers in the Eyes of the Adversary
  • How Unclean Spirits are Expelled from a Person
  • Life Lessons I have Learned from Spiritual Warfare
  • Summary


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  1. Ronald Holloway

    Awesome just Awesome you need to read and learn to crucify the flesh and stop being a feeding ground for demons I recommend

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