Don’t Awaken Love Before the Time


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Perry explains the chemicals released during romantic relationships and why broken relationships can have the same effect as a person coming off certain drugs. He will also explain why some people battle depression and suicidal thoughts when breaking off a relationship.

Song of Solomon warns against awakening love before the time. What is love, and why do we connect with certain individuals, but not with others? Why do young people (and even single adults) struggle, as they confuse feelings of affection with something they believe is love, only to see the relationship end in disappointment and separation?

In Perry’s unique explanation, he reveals that neurotransmitters in the brain affect the emotions that make us feel that we are in love. Also, certain brain chemicals are released when couples engage in physical contact.

If you arouse love before the time, you could find yourself married to the wrong life partner. And if you connect with the wrong person, you could forfeit your destiny and assignments for life!

This DVD was taped at an OCI service and received great reviews from the audience.

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