DV115 Is December 2012 to October 2015 the End of the Age?



The ancient Mayan Calendar was one of the most accurate in the ancient world. Their long count cycle ended December 2012. Some predictied major electro-magnetic disruptions on the earth and massive sun spot activity that parallel to passages of the Apocalypse. Then in 2015 lunar eclipses and bloody moons falling within Israel's major feast days occurred. Are these signs of the end of the age?

This 70 minute message recorded on DVD at the 2008 Louisville Conference includes power point presentations to illustrate this amazing teaching. We are making this message available as an individual DVD due to several questions and inquiries about these occurences. The contents of this message are not included in the Manna-Fest offer EH-71 ” Prophecy Encoded in the Heavens package.” This is an extremely intriguing message on end time prophecy. End times are unfolding. It is an exciting time to be alive to witness Bible prophecy fulfillment!

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