Eighth Kingdom Is the Anti-Christ Alive Pkg



In this Manna-Fest package you receive Perry's DVD, Is the Anti-Christ Alive? along with a copy of his book, The Eighth Kingdom.

On this DVD Perry shares expanded teaching on the future world dictator, the region of the world from which the Antichrist will arrive, events to bring the final dictator and his 10 kings to their seat of authority and more. In Perry's book that is included with this DVD, “The Eighth Kingdom,” you will discover how Radical Islam will impact the End Times. There is a premonition that current events are setting the stage for end-time events to unfold. There is so much global upheaval and fear of the direction in which the world is headed. In his book, Perry answers why terrorist threats are on the rise and identifies a 7th  empire that will exist for a short time followed by the 8th  and final empire identified as the Kingdom of the Beast. He explains the link to Islamic traditions that points to the rise of this final kingdom and a global dictator.  What are we seeing take place in the world around us and where is it taking us? Discover answers to these questions and much more in this prophetic Manna-Fest offer.

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