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After years of comprehensive research probing Old and New Testament prophecies and encountering the powers of darkness renowned biblical teacher, Perry Stone releases FEEDING DEMONS to carefully reveal the operational skills, deceptive tactics, and crafty methods of battle that demons possess. Feeding Demons is not intended to glorify the presence, power, or plots of the adversary, but is written to expose their strategies and enlighten believers, teaching them to enforce their authority, provided through the redemptive covenant of Christ!

Also included in this package is the audio CD “Music of Angels”  bringing spiritual refreshing and an atmosphere of inner courts to the listener. The harp is the music of heaven, angels, and the 24 elders. It ‘s proven that praise and worship can change the atmosphere! This CD is an instrumental tool ushering you into the inner courts for renewing of your mind and strengthening of your spirit man! Enjoy this special packaged offer to take you to a new level in your Christian walk, spiritual authority and faith!

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Weight 11 oz
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