The Revelation Generation


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DISCOVER THE AMAZING END-TIME PROPHECIES FOUND IN THE TORAH, THE BIBLICAL PROPHETS, ANCIENT SACRED SCROLLS, AND RABBINICAL INSIGHT THAT WILL SHORTLY COME TO PASS. The Revelation Generation is Perry's landmark prophetic book, with page after page of new insight. Perry not only proves we are the generation of the Apocalypse, but he also details the Hebraic concept of how he predicts the patterns of the U.S. presidents, using the number system of the Hebrew alphabet. There is an entire chapter dealing with the prophetic patterns of President Trump, based on Inaugural Torah readings!

  • Learn important predictions concealed in the statements of the early Biblical patriarchs
  • Prophecies in the Dead Sea Scroll, the Damascus Document, and the Masada scrolls
  • 14 Harbingers in Israel pointing to the Messiah's return
  • Six woes ‘ found in Isaiah that parallel America
  • The day for a year theory and the restoration of Israel
  • The amazing Jewish month I Iyar in prophecy
  • The battle over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem According to numerous reviews,

This is the most exciting and informative prophecy book in the history of Perry Stone's ministry. Order your copy today!

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