Gold Bible Hoax

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Information Mormon leaders don't want you to know -Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon which is often called ‘Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” Joseph Smith claimed an angel visited him with gold plates that revealed the history of how the American Indians were descendants of the Jews. He translated these plates to write the “Book of Mormon.”

On this stunning and detailed 2-hour audio CD set, Perry reveals inside information about how the Book of Mormon, called the “Golden Bible,” is one of the biggest hoaxes presented. Perry's insight is well-researched and documented. Arm yourself with this information and discover the real truth Mormons do not want you to know!

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1 review for Gold Bible Hoax

  1. Simone Easum

    This is an excellent review of the hoax known as Mormonism. Perry has details i’ve never heard before – such as the ‘peepstone’; the wife of Smith’s scribe hiding or destroying the first manuscript ‘transcribed by Smith thru said stone; and much, much more. Perry really delved into details, such as the weight of the so called urim & thumim ‘gold leaves’, etc., that are dead giveaways to the hoax aspect of this so-called religion. Really excellent work here. I can highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about why Joseph Smith’s ‘religion’ is utter balderdash.

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