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Manna-Fest Offer# GB-72 – “Goliath’s Brother-Meal that Heals Package” This package includes Perry Stone’s hard back cover book entitled, “The Meal that Heals” along with the audio CD entitled, “When Goliath’s Brother Returns to your House.” You can enjoy life changing intimacy with God, and receive emotional, spiritual, and physical healing while receiving daily Communion in your home. In his completely revised and expanded book, The Meal that Heals, Perry unlocks the Biblical, historical, and Hebraic concepts of how God established a healing covenant that began at Passover and continues to this day through the New Covenant. This in-depth, 180 page classic, includes 16 chapters covering these subjects and more: Don’t die before your time and what to do when sickness tries to return. Biblical and historical evidence that God still heals people today. Unlocking secrets of the Believers priesthood, and the Hebraic mysteries of the cruxifixion. The Mystery of the Manna and the breaking of bread from house to house. Seven covenants bringing blessings to your home and family. The difference between a Catholic Mass and the Protestant Communion. The greatest hindrance to receiving your healing and how to remove it. How daily communion can extend your life and bring healing to your body, soul, and spirit. Building a family alter at home as a place to study, worship, and commune with God. Also included in this package is a single 70 minute audio CD teaching on spiritual principles of what to do during a counterattack of the enemy. This is concluded with a special prayer of agreement for your healing with Dr. Fred Stone

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