Holy Spirit Prayer Language Pkg


For a limited time, this package on the Holy Spirit includes Perry’s book, Code of the Holy Spirit along with a 2-CD album teaching on the power of the Holy Spirit in us.


This offer includes Perry's book, Code of the Holy Spirit, and a 2 Audio CD album explaining that the Spirit is assigned to help us during weakness and to pray through us as an intercessor on our behalf.

When a head rabbi in Jerusalem told Perry that according to a Jewish tradition, on the Day of Atonement the high priest spoke in a supernatural “language of God,” Perry set out on a journey to discover lesser-known details and insights concerning the Holy Spirit. This book explains and reveals many mysteries of this 3rd person of the Godhead.

In addition to this book, you receive 2 powerful CD messages preached by Perry which reveal many mysteries of who the Holy Spirit is and how He will help you in your struggles. The first CD explains that He is our intercessor, our mediator, and our advocate with the Father. The second CD message, How to Interpret Your Prayer Language, is a comprehensive study on how to discern and understand what your spirit is praying when you pray in your prayer language.

What revelation, understanding, and answers concerning the Holy Spirit and our prayer language are bundled up into these resources.  Available now at a special price.

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