Journey to the Underworld – Sodom Pkg.



DVD-Journey to the Underworld Manna-Fest package includes: DVD – Journey to the Underworld CD059 Praying Your Bloodline out of Sodom This package from Perry Stone Ministries is unlike any you will ever find! It includes some of the most interesting teaching on the subject of heaven and hell. On this 2-hour spiritual documentary, Perry presents Biblical evidence of the subterranean chambers under the earth that presently house the fallen angels metioned in 2 Peter 2:4, and the lost souls of mankind mentioned in Luke 16. He reveals key scriptures relating how the entrances to the underworld are spiritual gates located under the seas. By studying the five Hebrew and Greek words used in the Bible, you will have a fresh understanding of where the unsaved go at moment of death. Along with this DVD, Perry is including an audio CD that teaches believers to engage in intercession, moving heavens power to alter dangerous situations.

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