Living in the Apocalyptic Times Audio CD album


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Now on audio CD – over 6 hours of clear prophetic insight for those desiring a “right now word” on the times in which we are living!

All national, international, spiritual and prophetic indicators are screaming out that we are living in the “last days” and the prophetic “time of the end.” On this audio CD album, I have personally selected the most powerful messages, loaded with fresh insight and prophetic revelation to enlighten the listener, answer numerous controversial questions, and help teach you how to battle you way to victory during apocalyptic times! All six messages were preached “live” at various conferences and the content is unedited. You will be blessed listening to these 6 audio CD messages!

1: The President and the Persian Prophecies
Preached live in Saint Louis, Missouri

2: How to Pray and Release Angels During Prophetic Seasons
Preached live in Lakeland, Florida

3: Has the Tribulation Already Begun?
Preached live in Beaumont, Texas

4: Recent Alignments that Fulfill End-Time Prophecies
Preached live in Lakeland, Florida

5: Prophecy 101— 4 Blunders Made by Prophetic Teachers
Preached live in Huntington, West Virginia

6: The Passover Shini and its Prophetic Purpose
Preached live at the Partners Conference, Cleveland, TN

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