Old and New Testament Bible Bundle – Standard Edition (Chestnut)

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Perry’s Hebraic Prophetic New Testament and Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bibles sold as a set are available in chestnut brown imitation leather covers.

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Bible College in a Box! Perry Stone combined his Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament and New Testament Bibles as a set! For many, quitting their job to attend a four-year Bible college is now impossible. However, you can experience a complete Bible College in a box using Perry's 800,000+ word Old and New Testament commentary and Bible. After seven years of researching and compiling detailed information on each book of the Bible and its verses, people are saying it is like attending a Bible college. This set of the standard edition Old and New Testaments comes in an imitation leather cover in chestnut brown. This commentary has many insights that Perry has never taught and much of the material he has taught during his ministry. By ordering this bundled set, you receive a copy of the Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic New Testament and a copy of the Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament in the chestnut brown soft covers.

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17 reviews for Old and New Testament Bible Bundle – Standard Edition (Chestnut)

  1. Mellanie Baley

    My husband and I purchased this set at the Prophetic Awakening Event in Utah over the summer. This Bible is WONDERFUL! Pastor Stone’s commentary is in depth and helpful for further personal study. So many useful references to scripture that directly connects to the scripture I’m studying. I have many Bibles that I use for study – this set by far is my favorite set to use.

  2. Sarah Walker (verified owner)

    I am so excited. The Old and New Testaments arrived just a couple of days ago. I’m going to read every page. I’m currently reading Genesis. Already I can see how much Perry’s commentary brings so much insight into the original language of the scripture to provide me with a much deeper understanding of God’s word. I highly recommend both bibles for your home and this would make a wonderful gift as well.

  3. Carol Beelman (verified owner)

    These are wonderful. Well worth the money. My husband is a very studied man and was very happy to have these to add to his library of resources. We would highly recommend them.

  4. Virginia

    Love these! This has changed my mind and spirit. I love Perry Stone minsteries. Can’t quite readying and studying. 🥰

  5. Jessica

    Best Bible ever! If you love to learn and are in love with our Lord … get these!
    I know our Brother is busy, can you all imagine a “Stone Translation “ ?!!! Sign me up to help!
    All of God’s Words in RED! OT and NT!
    Love you all …

  6. Raymond Steadman

    Being someone that has many different study bibles I would have to say the work Perry Stone has done throughout his thousands of hours in the Word of God is definitely shown throughout this bible. Only having this a few days and already love the commentary and the Greek and Hebrew language being brought out. The text and quality of paper is great. The only issue I have is the Old Testament where the paper is glued together has a major defect slightly after the middle of the binding. Other than the work of the spine. It is a great bible. Had no issues with the New Testament just the Old Testament.

  7. Raymond Steadman

    This bible is one of a kind and worth every penny. The insight given throughout this and breakdown of many of the verses bring out understanding that is overlooked so many times.
    As someone who is a bible collector and always looking for truth in the Word of God and a deeper understanding. This bible stands out above the rest. Only having several weeks I’m highly impressed and would recommend to anyone looking to further their understanding of the Word of God.
    The professionalism of Perry Stone ministries goes above and beyond. My Old Testament copy had an issue with the binding when I received it. They took care of the issue right away and went above and beyond all expectations! Thank you Perry Stone for this fabulous Bible that you have worked countless hours on that will benefit many in the years to come for a greater understanding and deeper relationship with Christ!

  8. Helen George (verified owner)

    I purchased these Bible Commentaries of the Old and New Testaments, and I do have many DVDs, CDs, books of yours, and I get your magazine, but have never met or spoken with you. I have heard you say on television, or from some DVD that you have over 40 years of ministry, thousands and thousands of hours of in depth study and research of the Bible, hundreds of books and other research materials, trips to the Holy Land, that you have used in your tremendous endeavor to obtain more knowledge of God, our Father and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The studying of ancient history, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek word studies to know the correct usage of words and customs of back then to help us understand in todays world.
    I said all that to say this, thank you, thank you. Under the description, it says Bible College in a box, and I dare say that many teachers and professors in seminaries could gain much insight by reading these Bible Commentaries.
    Some may say, but it’s so expensive to pay for a Bible, when I can get them at much lower costs. I have said similar things about other items in the past, but these Bible Commentaries are priceless. If anyone wants to study and learn more about our wonderful Lord, he or she needs these books. Remember, our Lord Jesus gave his all for us!
    I should have written this review much sooner, but like most people, I usually don’t say anything about the good, but like to complain when something is bad. I am so glad that God has mercy on us as we strive to do better.

  9. Jack & Lily Bohlken

    Fine addition to our other study bibles. Great insight into these last days before Christ’s return. Obtain your OT & NT copies as soon as possible. PTL.

  10. Brandon Priske

    I have many study Bibles. The dake, the fire bible, the expositors Jimmy swaggart bible, and the spirit filled life bible third edition just to name a few. But this Bible Perry has put together through the precious holy spirit is simply outstanding! 800,000 plus study notes!!! Best bible ever hands down I’ve never seen nothing like it all I can say is wow!!!!!!

  11. Rita McElfresh (verified owner)

    I was fooled a bit by the title, as I missed the fact that this is the King James Version of the Bible, written verse by separate verse at that. I prefer a story format with prose clearly identified, etc. While I appreciate some of Perry’s insights, I would not recommend this set. The wording is archaic in places, so I end up having another version or two handy just to understand some sentences better. I also need another Bible to look at maps, as there are none. I think he should just do a commentary that one could use with one’s own favorite version, as there are so many better ones available today. I am disappointed I could not give a better review, but I am being honest.

  12. Taulbee Barnett

    Mrs Rita McElfresh. Please forgive my boldness, but if you are not satisfied with your copies of Perry’s study bibles Old and New Testaments , I would love to talk to you about purchasing them from you. Please give some thought to the matter. Thank you for reading this and may God bless you and yours. Amen

  13. Marilyn McGregor

    I don’t know that I will use any other Bible from now on! The footnotes and “in depth” sections on a lot of the books are priceless! Yes it is old KJV. But if u can’t or won’t push through (READ ONE BOOK AND THE REST IS EASY), then u might want to question your commitment.

  14. Heather Poffenberger (verified owner)

    A-m-a-zing! This set of Bibles has changed my life, my mind, and my heart to seek more of GOD, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. While I don’t normally read KJV version of the Bible (I prefer NKJV), I read it now because I can grasp this with commentary. Thank you so much, Perry and Pam!

  15. Debra Belor (verified owner)

    I have many Bibles and study Bibles. This is my favorite. I bought one for myself, husband, and now granddaughter. Great gift.

  16. Jeff

    The best study Bible I have or have ever used. I have used several through the years! Great product worth every penny.

  17. A. OSullivan

    Like another commenter, I’d prefer Perry’s life work notes/graphs in a commentary booklet to use alongside better Bible translations like the Amplified compensating for English inadequacies translating the original languages.

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