Your Personal Prophetic Battles


We are Battling the ‘Spirit’ of Antichrist Now and Warring over Prophecy!

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We are Battling the ‘Spirit' of Antichrist Now and Warring over Prophecy!

CD1: The Spirit of Antichrist Now Attacking Believers

The ‘man' Antichrist and the ‘spirit' of Antichrist can be seen prior to the Tribulation in the activation of the Antichrist spirit. From Daniel 7:25 we learn the strange strategies of this spirit, how the early church dealt with it in their day, and what you must do to expose and defeat it.

CD2: Warring for the Fulfillment of the Prophecies

The greatest expose' in the Bible that gives an understanding of true spiritual warfare with demonic powers is concealed in the book of Daniel. The prophetic battles from chapters 10-12 are the reason Daniel is resisted by the strong prince demon for three weeks. This is a much-needed explanatory message for the reasoning behind Satanic interference in America, the world, and in your personal life.

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