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Within the Body of Christ are multiple voices, often teaching different orders of future events. Some emphasize a pre-tribulation return, while others point to a mid-tribulation or post tribulation coming of Christ for the church. Who is right and can we know for certain? After 40 years of ministry and over 120,000 hours of personal Biblical research, Perry Stone believes he has discovered, with certainty, the order of future events as concealed in Israel’s final three fall festivals! When reading this book, you will learn that the chain of God’s divine order cannot be broken­­—as the types, patterns and fall festivals point to a pre-tribulation return of Christ for the overcoming believer (Revelation 2 and 3). Perry also takes “another look” at the days of Noah and Lot. He exposes fresh insight from Jewish sources that indicate this generation is running parallel to the signs from Noah and Lot’s day—pointing to Christ’s return (Luke 17:26-29).

A few of the 13 chapters include:

• How the Progressive Order of the Three Fall Festivals Conceal the Order of All Future Events
• How Yom Kipper is the Only Festival with an Amazing “Double Fulfillment”
• How Genetic Manipulation in Noah’s Day Is Being Repeated Today
• The One Key That Unlocks God’s Judgment and The Visions of Tsunamis That Are Coming
• The Main Triggers That Transfer the World from Grace to Tribulation Judgment
• The Termination of the Church Age Which Many Mid and Post Tribulation Followers Never Explain
• What Did Jesus Mean When Saying “This Generation Shall Not Pass Until All Things are Fulfilled?” Are We That Generation?
• Yom Hakesseh—The Hidden Day and Who Will Escape What Is Coming?

These are just a few of the numerous subjects conveyed in this exciting revelation into the prophetic future of the church, the individual believer and Israel.

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2 reviews for Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed Book

  1. Cynthia

    I am only part way through but I have learned more from this book about prophecies to help me to understand how God has shown us these things in the Bible. Thank you Perry Stone for your studies and inscribing. I will read and reread this book.

  2. LadyLiberTEA

    As a 35-year Bible student taught by fine even famous scholars of the Hebrews, and of the Greek and Aramaic languages, I now feel like Biblical Simeon inexpressibly thankful in my lifetime to see God fully clarify the eschatology Scriptures and mandated festivals commemorating YHWH/Jehovah revelatory actions for the Jews, and rehearsing actions foreshadowed ahead, never in the history of man as fully understood until now. Thanks to God via 4th-generation expert Perry Stone clearing up the understandably less-informed confusions from God not foretelling to B.C. Hebrews the A.D. mystery of the Church Age of Messianic Jews and of Gentiles adopted/grafted-in, like Joseph’s Egyptian sons Manasseh and Ephraim, the apostles rightly instructed the Mosaic Law was fulfilled by Yehushua Ha’Meshiach ushering faith family into the age of grace. This masterful entree stimulates relish for side dishes I recommend also “The Mystery Of The Seven Feasts Of Israel” Perry Stone/Bill Cloud DVD set, and “Israel And The Battle of Gog And Magog” Perry Stone DVD, further supporting this epic illumination from God, that you’ll immediately crave to flesh out this quick easy great-read paperback I cried when coming to end of this rapturous mind-blowing virtual time-travel backward and forward experiencing our majestic magnificent God!

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