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Manna-Fest Offer PC-119 “Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed” includes Perry's book accompanied by his 2-CD audio album, “America Wake Up”. The first message, America – Destroying our Blessing and Birthright exposes and explains in depth a strategy by both Satan and ungodly leaders to seize our national birthright. The second CD message is titled, “The Washington Harbingers” which gives a major update and shares details of a 1933 prophecy coming to pass.

In this book, Perry decodes an amazing pattern in scripture that is concealed in Israel's Fall Festivals, greatly confirming the pre-tribulation return of Christ for his church. Using the rule of divine order, prophetic patterns, cycles, symbolism, and lesser-known Jewish history he documents the following: “New End-Time Parallels of the Days of Noah and Lot”, “Understanding Why God Sends Judgment and What Is the Judgment of God?”, and “What Are the Laws of Escaping the Future Judgments?”, “Discover the Amazing Mystery of the Missing 70 Years”, “How King Saul Reveals a Pattern in the United States Government”, “The Hidden Day, as It Is Known to Devout Jews, Conceals a Message About the Rapture”, “Evidence of a Prophetic Generation and Does One Generation Remain Before the Messiah Returns?”, “Discover the Triggers That Will Start the 7-Year Tribulation”, “The Missing Key That Is Seldom Taught – The Coming Termination of the Church Age”, “Answering Arguments Against the Pre-Tribulation Rapture”, “Decoding the Yom Kippur Cipher – The Festival with a Double Meaning”, “New Evidence of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Concealed in the Fall Festivals of Israel”, and much more.

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