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This NEW album contains six prophetic audio CD teachings by Perry Stone. This prophetic album contains the following CDs: Stealing the Torch from Lady Liberty (Preached live at the Prophetic Summit Conference) Who ‘s trying to steal our freedom and bankrupt our economy? The Eyes and Mouth on the Little Horn of Prophecy (Preached live at the Partners Conference) How unknown men become world leaders & destroy nations The Order of Future Events (Preached live at the Prophetic Summit Conference) When you see these, you will know it ‘s almost rapture time How Can Christians Prepare for What is Coming to America? (Preached live at St. Louis) Eight Instructions on preparing for difficult times before Christ ‘s return Lessons from the Unleavened Bread & the Great Departure (Preached live at St. Louis) You can ‘t go to heaven if you ‘re living with the leaven The Seven Years That You Are in Heaven (Preached live at Pace, FL) What will happen while we are in heaven during the tribulation

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