Purging Your House – Pruning your Family Tree in Spanish


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Perry’s most important revelation for you concerning private and personal spiritual warfare. Many believers have struggles and battles they don’t discuss or want exposed. Others have children where one is compliant and one is defiant struggling with attitudes and addictions. Many do not recognize the spiritual warfare that is taking place in their lives.

Many people need an atmosphere change in their homes. They need to understand how certain objects and actions attract evil spirits. You need a home cleansing! The priest used three things to purge a leprous home and you must apply these same three cleansing agents from a practical application! Perry’s book, “Purging Your House-Pruning Your Family Tree” is his most detailed ever written concerning personal, spiritual warfare. It is not your average “warfare manual.” Instead, Perry uses Hebraic concepts to detail applications that are often overlooked and will explore dimensions of the spirit realm that Christians seldom read or hear. For example he explains the spiritual visitations at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, what to do in a counterattack, how to bind evil spirits, how warfare increases at certain seasons, how to stand against the roaring lion and how to reverse Satan’s prophetic agenda on your family and how to reverse the curses on your family tree! This is only a small part of the dynamic information you will read and learn in this landmark book. It also includes personal stories Perry has seldom shared publically.

Order this book on line today and make a stand against the spiritual battle waging war over you and your loved ones!

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