Running the Devil Out of Your Temple


Learn how to take authority over the Intrusions of the Enemy!

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With teaching to parallel the holy temple to our living vessel temple, understand how the enemy gains access and how to run Satan out of your temple.

Just as the high priests had to put on fresh garments because filthy garments open the door for Satan to come in, we must renew and refresh our spiritual walk faithfully.  1 Cor 4:16 explains that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Satan can access and get into the outer court (the mind and soul)  if we do not remain renewed or when our spirit becomes unclean and we walk in disobedience. Learn how to shut the door and run the enemy out of your temple. When the prosecutor comes against you, understand covenant and to stand up and say, Devil, you have no legal right in this temple! This is a message of caution, of faith building, and one to bring victory for the believer!


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