Season of Answered Prayer Teshuvah

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We will soon enter the time known as, “The Seasons of God!” These seasons are an annual cyclical time frame, which is also referenced as “The Appointed Time,” the appointed festivals, or in Hebrew, the “moadim.” The three fall festivals translated into English are, Trumpets, followed by Atonement, concluding with the seven-day Festival of Tabernacles! Prophetically, Trumpets conceals the imagery of the Great Shofar, which sounds at the Rapture and the resurrection of the dead in Christ. The Day of Atonement holds the clues concealing events occurring during the Great Tribulation. Tabernacles, the seventh and final festival, shares patterns revealing clear imagery of the Millennial Reign of Christ (Rev. 20:4).

This time frame also includes the season of Teshuvah. This is known as the season of repentance or turning. It is the time frame recalling when Moses ascended to the top of Mount Sinai, the second time, for 40 days, to receive the second set of Commandments from God. From a Hebraic perspective, Elul the 1st begins, Sunday, August 28th and this year concludes on Tuesday, October 5th, which is the Day of Atonement.

The 10 days from Trumpets to Atonement (September 26th – October 4th) are also called, “The Days of Awe.” The Jewish tradition is that during these ten days, men and women should repent, forgive others, and during this season plan special Thanksgiving offerings for what God has done and what He will do the following year. The Jewish new year happens between September 25th and 27th. Thus, Teshuvah is a reminder of God’s mercy upon you, and your need to repent and forgive others. During this season, we set our face toward a good year and being under the favor of God in the coming (Jewish) New Year.

As those following our ministry are aware, the VOE ministry does not send out letters requesting financial support throughout the year. However, each year during the seasons of God I extend an invitation for friends and partners to send in a special Thanksgiving offering to express appreciation for the work of the ministry, how it has blessed you, and to help us continue reaching the world!

Some of our greatest spiritual breakthroughs, both personally and in our ministry, have occurred during this season, especially during the 10 days between Trumpets and Atonement.

If you have been inspired, blessed, or helped through any aspect of our ministry, I invite you to participate in this fall – “Seasons of God thanksgiving offering.” Whatever you are impressed to plant into this ministry will be greatly appreciated. We have big plans to win souls and help many people in the future. Just as Paul, it is not that we desire a gift, but that fruit will abound to your account (Phil 4:17). I look forward to hearing from you soon, and as my Jewish friends always say at this season, “May your name be inscribed in the book of life.” Pam and I pray for a better year for you than in the recent past. May the rest of your life be the best of your life.

May God’s Favor be upon You!

Perry Stone Jr.

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