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From Perry's 2-hour DVD, “Days of Awe, Seasons of Joy” along with his 2-CD album, “The Law of Making & Breaking Vows” you can learn about special seasons of God. Discover the Season of Answered Prayer, the Season of Special Favor, and the Opening of Heaven's Gates. Learn about: Prophetic patterns of the new moon, The new moon and birth pains of the Messiah, The year of release (Jubilee), The forty days of Teshuvah, The ten days of awe, the seven days of joy, and much more!

From the 2-CD album you will hear how your broken vows may be hindering your future blessings. From Ecclesiastes 5:4-6 we learn that if we break our vows the messenger of the Lord can destroy the works of our hands! Discover how God honors people who keep their vows!

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