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This offer includes Perry’s book, Secrets of the Third Heaven and 2-CD album, Standing at the Bema. Most interesting teaching on the Third Heaven and the Bema offered by the ministry.
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Do you know the many secrets of paradise – the temporary home of the spirits and souls that have died in Christ which is located in the third Heaven?  Perry Stone in his latest book, Secrets of the Third Heaven delves into some of the most interesting, in-depth and mysterious questions ever asked about the third heaven. As a believer, can you answer these questions?

  • At death, do ALL children go to heaven?
  • Can God show you the actual day and hour when you will die?
  • What is the difference between the human soul and spirit?
  • Do departed saints, now in heaven, pray for those living on earth?
  • In heaven, how will we communicate with people from different nations?
  • What happens if your name is not written in the Book of Life?
  • When your spirit leaves your body at death, are you naked or clothed?
  • How is time counted in Paradise, and are they aware of earthly events?
  • Will a person’s body be raised from dust at the Resurrection?
  • Will we remember family members in hell once we die and enter paradise?
  • Do infant spirits age in heaven – do they go to the same paradise as adults?
  • Can a person repent of sins once their spirit is out of their body?

These questions along with more unusual and difficult questions concerning death, angels, heaven and paradise are answered in Perry’s latest 220-page book, Secrets of the Third Heaven. This book is filled with stunning true stories and amazing biblical word studies!

This offer also includes the 2 audio CD teaching, Standing at the Bema.  You will one day stand face to face with Christ at a judgment called the Bema. What will you be judged for and how will you answer Christ when he exposes the idle words you spoke and your actions on earth? This two-hour teaching will explain, from beginning to end, what to expect and how you will be rewarded or stand ashamed.

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4 reviews for Secrets of the 3rd Heaven Pkg

  1. Kathy Marler

    Thank you for the in-depth view of Heaven with the well-researched, scripture referenced, and real-life examples. I had many questions answered. I’ve read many books on the subject of our after-life trying to find answers to ease my loss of miscarried children, my husband, and family members. Your book quieted my soul and refreshed my spirit. I shall share your book with family as I share the healing it contains. You have proven that God’s Word doesn’t return void but accomplishes His will. I’m certain your work will bless others as much as it has me and I thank God that I recently discovered your ministry on Facebook and YouTube! I look forward to reading your book on forgiveness and know it won’t disappoint; thank you!

  2. Wolf Verch

    Hi just wanted to say I watch Perry Stone online it’s a pity I live in England on the Isle of Wight (we say isle of Christ) so in Dollars it creates a problem ! But Perry is a well established writer and teacher of the Bible in particular on the Judaism History, so get the Book and be blessed
    Blessings wolfy

  3. Dorothy M Johnson

    The package is very informational! I so appreciate all your insight to the Holy Spirit. Phenomenal how Our Lord had given you this knowledge As I have been given.
    Thank you so very much for all your inspire me with. Much of your insight I have been mentored by a dear friend of mine who is now long gone into the place you’ve mentioned in this package. So much has been given us (both) meaning you and I and my dear friend. Believe you me, I do KNIW what you’re talking about when it comes to ‘Deep into Deep’.
    Anyway, May our Wonderful honorable Lord Jesus continue to Bless you in All you Do, Do, touch, say and more. You’re truly a good man that I know The Lord has ORDERED your steps, of a Good man. With that, I thank you. Stay IN His dwelling of His Secret place, as Do I.
    I am asking you for help with the Card that came with the book. I have tried to access it (to recieve free access to this content, which is mentioned on the card) yet I cannot unless I purchase it. Or am I missing something. I have my redemption code.
    Any help is so appreciated.
    God truly bless you with all His blessings and more ~

  4. Christy Myers-Wood

    I have been blessed, not only in this book about the Secrets of the 3rd Heaven, but other books, DVD’S, and CD’S.
    You have confirmed some things for me and taught me new things as well. Thank you!
    Anyone who is interested in learning the truth of what happens next should get this book. It is well written.
    I do have a question concerning the access code that accompanied my book. I punched in my code and all went well. It came on screen and I listened to the first video. It was late so I decided to save the rest for the next day. I saved it to my EBooks and the pictures showed but the video/voices will not play. I tried to find the list of testimonials of people who had stepped into the afterlife, but to no avail. Where did it all go? How do I find it or can I simply get it on CD or DVD? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you

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