Sounding the Warning to America


The overwhelming response from this most popular series of Manna-Fest programs resulted in the production of this DVD. Live discussion with Perry and Bill Cloud on Prophetic Updates and Warnings to America.
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In this 6 Manna-Fest program live taping, Perry and Bill discuss, Sounding the Warning to America, The Prophetic Destiny of America, Prophecies from the 1800s, Israel and America: Twin Nations in Prophecy, The Parallels of America and Ancient Egypt, and Will America Collapse Internally as Ancient Rome?

This is a must see/hear on prophetic updates and warnings for our nation, the United States of America. Hands down this is one of the most informative and interesting recordings ever done by these 2 prophecy teachers. This is a favorite of the Manna-Fest viewership and ministry staff. You will be blessed and completely enjoy this incredible revelation and teaching.


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