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Spiritual Restoration Manna-Fest package includes Perry's inspriational book “Dancing with Snowmen” along with DVD “The Jewels in the Devil's Pawn Shop” and a powerful cd entitled, “Pre-Tribulation Update- Fresh Insight on the End of Times.”

What a powerful set of resource that is much needed in facing the day to day challenges of today's times. Dancing with Snowmen was birthed from a special dream in which Perry heard, ‘Dancing with snowmen’ followed by ‘My children have forgotten how to live and walk in childlike faith. They have complicated Christianity with forms, rituals and self-preservation techniques, but they have forgotten that all blessings are released to those who have the faith of a child.’

Perry went to his office and began to pen a remarkable and inspirational manuscript that became this book. You will smile and perhaps shed a tear or two as you learn the distinct things a child can teach you about faith, and ponder the ways in which you may restore your spiritual vision. Enjoy this heartwarming and uplifting book, and learn the lessons that will help renew your spirit and refresh your mind.

Also included is the new DVD “The Jewels in the Devil's Pawn Shop” which teaches on restoring your personal treasures from the hands of the thief. There are 3 jewels that the enemy is out to seize in your life to destroy your destiny. Get back what the enemy has stolen and recover from the jaws of the lion.

Thirdly included in this offer is the audio CD, Pre-Tribulation Update – Fresh Insight on the End of Times which covers one of the most controversial debated topics on Pre-Tribulation, Mid-Tribulation and Post-Tribulation. Perry biblically defends and explains his belief on the Great Tribulation and the timing of the Return of the Lord.



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