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This resource package will transform your marriage, change the hearts of your children, and initiate a spiritual breakthrough in your life! Perry shares powerful information on this new two-CD audio teaching, Stopping Satan's Home Invasions. On disc number one, Perry shares nine keys that his father's generation used to conquer Satan in the home; keys that have been missing among Christians in today's generation. These nine keys are weapons of war that will help bring family members to Christ and see children delivered from drugs alcohol, and marriages. These keys will break strongholds on the hardest cases and bring peace, joy, and new life. On disc two of Stopping Satan's Home Invasions, you will learn how to starve the wrong spirits out of your life! Discover five things that draw unclean spirits to you and seven dangerous spirits that are sent as invaders and destroyers! In this teaching, Perry also explains how to have authority over all the power of the enemy. Also included in the package is a prophetic audio CD, Forging the United States of Europe. Are there plans to create a Socialist government in America that will unite a New World Order? Who is behind the unsustainable debt in America? Is there a cover-up of certain information to ensure that America remains ignorant of the strategies of the elitists and progressives? Learn how five of the seven mountains of Biblical prophecy are now under the control of extremists and how the communication and food mountains are next on their agenda! This message was preached for Perry's partners only, however, Perry was compelled in his spirit to release it to Manna-Fest viewers.

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