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This offer includes a series of 3 audio CD messages peached live by Perry on the coming of the Lord and the Book of Remembrance. The 3 messages include:

1-The Book of Remembrance and the Rapture

Do you believe in the coming of the Lord…the Rapture? Using biblical reference

Perry explains who will be raptured at the coming of the Lord as explained by the special books

mentioned in the Bible.

2-The Book of Remembrance and the Parables

In this message Perry explains what the Bible teaches on those who will go and those who will remain

at the time of the rapture. He biblically explains that heaven is the reward for salvation and the

Rapture is the reward for faithfulness.

3-The Book of Remembrance and the Overcomers

In this 3rd message of this series Perry explains there is a law of separation. It is overcomers who will

be given access to the tree of life, given a new name, given power over the nations, won’t be blotted out

of the book of life, and will sit with Christ, and inherit all things.

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