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Is God’s ultimate plan for the world unfolding before us? Learn how Radical Islam will impact the End Times in Perry’s book, “The Eighth Kingdom
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The Eighth Kingdom (AKA Unleashing the Beast)
Around the world many people have a premonition that current events are setting the stage for end-time events to unfold. Why is there so much global upheaval on so many levels? Where is the world heading? Why are terrorist activities and other threats continuing to increase? In this informative and prophetically stirring book, Perry Stone answers these questions and more as he details a large-scale picture of what will occur in the time of the end.
Revealing the plan of God evident from the beginning of time, Perry identifies:
  • Six major empires that have risen on the world scene and then faded into the fog of history
  • The seventh empire that will exist for a short period, followed by the eighth and final empire, identified as the kingdom of the beast
  • The link between biblical prophecies and Islamic traditions that point to the rise of this coming eighth kingdom, and a final global dictator who will seize the world

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