The Final Ciphers and The Return of Christ

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Perry’s book – Final Ciphers and the Return of Christ includes 20 chapters of new prophetic insight including how COVID-19 fits into biblical end-time signs!
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In his landmark book on end-time prophecy, Perry Stone has discovered stunning information that unlocks ancient ciphers. These ciphers conceal secrets for our generation that point to Christ’s return! Read about:

  •  Unlocking and Understanding God’s Cipher System
  •  The Prophetic Ciphers of Two Cities
  •  The China Link — The Virus Cycles Echoing Ancient Ciphers of the Roman Empire
  •  The Cipher of the Third-Trimester Birth Pangs
  •  America’s Ciphers — Parallels with Ancient History
  •  Ciphers From the Roman Empire — America’s Death of Conscience and Conviction
  •  The Pompeii Cipher and the Forbidden “J” Word
  •  The Cipher of the Breach — When America’s Hedge Was Cracked
  •  Unlocking the Amazing Methuselah Cipher
  •  The Future Cipher of the Image of the Beast
  •  Unlocking the Cipher of the Mark of the Beast
  •  Interpreting the Cipher of Strange Cosmic Signs
  •  Temple Ciphers That Conceal the Rapture Revelation
  •  America’s Founders and the Roman Empire Ciphers
  •  The Money Cipher — The Clue Before Empires Decline
  •  The Cipher of the Seventy-Weeks Prophecy
  •  The Adam Cipher and the Missing Seventy Years
  •  The Coming Power Transfer from the West Back to the East
  •  Who Can Escape What is Coming on the Earth?
  •  The Final Ciphers — Warnings for the Church

An important “now word” from one of the nation's most informed prophetic ministers.


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6 reviews for The Final Ciphers and The Return of Christ

  1. diane (verified owner)

    A wonderful book. A must read for anyone wanting to know more about the end times.

  2. Lilian

    good book about end times pararel

  3. deborah.ryan

    A very insightful book about parallels and patterns in Biblical history that help us understand where we are now, and what is happening to our country.

  4. Timothy Murray (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing book per usual from Perry!
    The parallels really pull it all together.
    This will definitely blow your hair back and open up your understanding of the times were in, and what to expect ahead!

  5. Aaron Cordial (verified owner)

    Loved loved loved this book. I feel that this book has helped me to get deeper with understanding bible prophecy as well as seeing where God is heading his amazing plan.

  6. DeAndre Taylor (verified owner)

    I really learned a lot of the way we got where we are today especially the
    similarities of former Rome and present day America and whats to come.
    It was also an interesting about the four generations from Abraham’s seed.

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