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Manna-Fest package GC-83 entitled “The Genesis Code Package” is now available! In 1988, Jerusalem Rabbi Yehuda Getz invited Perry Stone to his office near the Western Wall, where the Rabbi explained to Perry how the book of Genesis encodes the future of major world events. Now, for the first time in 33 years of ministry, Perry presents a major teaching on this DVD called Cracking the Genesis Code, which includes a teaching on the 7,000-year code. This DVD teaching includes details of the early church theory that the six days of creation are actually 6,000 years of human government and the 7th day of rest is the 1,000 year reign of Christ as recorded in Revelation chapter 20. See and learn just how close we are to the time of the end! Discover how God counts prophetic time and how Genesis is a reflection of future prophetic events. This DVD includes many pictures, charts and scriptures to help illustrate this vital teaching. Also included in this package is a new audio CD called Children in the Devil ‘s Playhouse. Our children and grandchildren are under attack! Perry explains the five events that create emotional holes, which open the door for spirits to attack our children. This CD was preached at Pace, Florida and has vital information on warfare cycles as well as exposes Satan ‘s strategy against your children! This teaching is a must for every parent.

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