The Jewels in the Devils Pawn Shop


Jewels in the Devil’s Pawn Shop – ITEM# DV154

It is time to restore your personal treasures from the hands of the thief.  An expose about getting back what the enemy has stolen from you. The devil’s pawn shop will conterfeit the true, but you can recover from the jaws of the lion.

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There is one chapter in Genesis that interrupts the flow of the story of Joseph: the moral indiscretion of the man Judah. Concealed in this narrative is the revelation of three things that were taken from Judah that the enemy strategizes to strip from your life. Once they are in the hands of the enemy, or the devil’s pawnshop, you become a trophy that he puts on display! This message, preached in Huntington West Virginia two years ago, was brought out of the archives, as the content is a right now word from the Lord that families must hear, especially if a marital companion or a child is battling the attacks of the enemy.